The cemetery

Apiculture at the Cemetery

To follow in the footsteps of the global movement for the protection of bees, whose survival appears increasingly threatened, and in collaboration with Mr. Gabriel Say, beekeeper, owner of Le Rucher Apiary, hives have been installed at the cemetery.

Because of the great diversity of honey plants found in the cemetery’s gardens, forager bees do their pollination work, thus contributing to the reproduction of plants, to the abundance of vegetable crops from the surrounding farmland, and their survival.

This wonderful activity is an opportunity to transmit knowledge in beekeeping, to raise awareness of the causes of the decline of bees, and to promote biodiversity, while producing honey!

In fact, a portion of the honey production is sold during the charitable activities held at the cemetery each year, making it possible to collect donations for organizations recognized and supported by Magnus Poirier and the Laval Cemetery.