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A Cemetery for Pets and their Masters...A First in Canada!

Masters and Companions is the only cemetery offering a pet burial service where ashes and/or animal remains may be buried alongside the ashes or remains of the pet’s masters in the same plot.

When we own a pet, we know that it quickly becomes a true friend, a companion, because it shares and embellishes our daily life... a pet is a member of the family.

Because masters offer care, quality food, a pleasant environment, and a loving presence, they fear one day or another the loss of their companion, and with good reason, since it will be a painful and distressing experience! Grieving for a pet is similar to grieving for a loved one.

Thanks to Masters and Companions, it is now possible to show your attachment and gratitude to your precious companions by offering them eternal rest in a respectful environment surrounded by beautiful gardens.


Location of Masters and Companions in the Laval Cemetery.

The Masters and Companions Sections are integrated into one of the most beautiful and large traditional cemeteries on Montreal’s North Shore, the Laval Cemetery.

Created in 1957 under the name Mount Pleasant cemetery, it became the Laval Cemetery in 1982. Administered by Magnus Poirier, a family business whose funeral expertise extends over 5 generations, since 1923... A century at the service of people!

The Laval Cemetery covers an area of 15 million square feet; it is surrounded by agricultural land and crossed by several streams. It is recognized by ornithologists as one of the most beautiful bird watching sites where more than 186 species have been recorded in 2017, and one of the most beautiful natural habitats preserved in Laval and the Greater Montreal to observe the fauna and flora.

In harmony with the cemetery’s ecological and horticultural vocation, the magnificent gardens are maintained and designed by horticulturists to feed, protect and increase the wildlife population. Moreover, to follow in the footsteps of the global movement for the protection of bees, whose survival appears increasingly threatened, beekeeping is one of the cemetery's supported and protected activities.

A few walking paths are laid out in the surrounding forest and our many visitors enjoy them in all seasons. In the coming years, other environmental enhancement projects are planned, in line with the natural preservation of the site.